Our Services

How we help you

We offer hourly technical consulting services to empower you with your customer management systems. Here are the services we provide:

Strategy Development

Using our years of industry expertise and diverse specialties, we work with you to design or improve technology strategies that help you achieve your short- or long-term goals. To provide well-rounded and compatible guidance, we seek to understand your business goals, current state, needs, and culture.

Specific services offered:

  • technology gap analysis
  • product evaluations
  • risk assessments
  • budget reviews  and economic analysis
Process Improvements

Drawing on our extensive field experience, we work with you to analyze your processes and make them work most efficiently with your chosen management system.

Specific services offered:

  • financial process reviews
  • business process evaluations
  • tool fit analysis
System Enhancements

We help you set up, change, fix, and modernize your customer / member management system. We have years of experience with iMIS EMS, a leading platform for regulatory bodies, associations, and other not-for-profits. We are certified iMIS professionals with over 25 years of experience working with and supporting this platform.

Specific services offered:

  • system support
  • implementations, upgrades, and prem-to-cloud migrations
  • coordination, testing, and progress reporting
  • integrations, reports, and extension development
Knowledge Management

We help you create and organize your information, plus train your staff to ensure your processes are followed and systems are used correctly. We also embed your most critical information to make it easy and intuitive to locate when it’s most needed. Good training and properly organized information will help address the “garbage in / garbage out” challenge at its source.

Specific services offered:

  • System and process training
  • System adoption analysis
  • Confluence setup and configuration
  • Documentation preparation
  • Customer Management System integration
Metrics Creation

Using Microsoft PowerBI, an industry-leading platform in business intelligence, we integrate data from various systems and create real-time dashboards to help our clients meaningfully explore and extract valuable insights from their data. We hope to replace fixed reporting with dynamic visualizations enabling our clients to focus on higher-value activities.

Specific services offered:

  • scorecard consulting
  • measurements development (metrics and KPIs)
  • long-term support & maintenance
Custom Development

We are skilled in various programming languages, web back- and front-end frameworks, and data housing & manipulation approaches. While we always recommend using existing technologies off-the-shelf first, some gaps between your systems and high-volume processes should be addressed to drive greater efficiency to your organization.

Specific services offered:

  • needs assessment & consultation
  • custom development
  • long-term support & maintenance

Our Methods

We use different approaches to manage and govern our work. Hover over each to learn more.

Work management system

We heavily rely on Atlassian Jira, a top-tier work management system.

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Knowledge management system

We use Atlassian Confluence for our collaborative documentation

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Agile work management framework

We use the Scrum Agile framework to manage our complex work and projects

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Business intelligence platform

We use Microsoft PowerBI provide ourselves and our clients valuable insights

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Our articles

We benefit greatly from the numerous independent articles people have written; some addressing common challenges, and others presenting innovative thinking. Our articles have been written with the same spirit and to give back to the community from which we’ve benefitted. As these articles are based on our collective ideations, experiences, or frustrations, we highly recommend using multiple sources, not ours alone. We do not warrant any outcomes; all information and guidance here must be used at your own risk. If you agree, enjoy!

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