The answer to this question may vary depending on your sector.

If you are in the Not-For-Profit sector, you likely have members or donors and might know these systems as Association Management Systems (AMS), Member/Donor Management Systems, or Engagement Management Systems (EMS).

If you are in the For-Profit sector, you likely have clients or customers and might know these systems as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems or Client/Contractor Management Systems.

For simplicity, we refer to customers, clients, members and donors as “customers.” Therefore, these systems have similar characteristics, they:

  1. target potential or existing customers,
  2. connect customers to your products, services, or events,
  3. facilitate payments from your customers, and
  4. nurture relationships with your customers.

Customer Management Systems are our specialty. Keeping them sensible and minimalistic is our goal. Click here to connect with us and learn more.